Dental implants near 60440

If you are a denture wearer or are missing all your teeth, several options are available to replace your teeth and/or your dentures. After your examination, Dr. Azalea will discuss your options and help you decide which one is the most beneficial for you.

With the new implant design and microsurgical approach available today, full mouth restoration will replace all of your teeth with just a few dental implants. During your first consultation with Dr. Azalea, he will design a treatment plan that suits your individual needs the best. Dr. Azalea will surgically place your dental implants at your second appointment. In most cases it is possible to place a set of temporary cosmetic teeth at the day of the surgery. You will come in with missing teeth and walk out with a beautiful new set of teeth the same day.

Usually your full set of replacement teeth can be loaded immediately into your mouth with this special procedure, eliminating the waiting time you would face with traditional implant procedures. Unlike with dentures, you do not have to worry about your dental implants slipping or impairing your ability to speak. With today's high quality dental implants, you can chew and talk as you would with your natural teeth. Most patients report that their dental implants feel no different than their original teeth.